Welcome to Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew!

What’s the perfect recipe for a dynamic craft beverage conference and trade show?

First, attract EXPERT SPEAKERS who specialize in the skills and know-how needed to run a successful business in today’s regional marketplace.  You can brush up on best practices and discover new ideas and strategies for sustainability and profitability across all platforms of the craft beverage industry – wine, beer and distilling.  They’ll address regional concerns and help you capitalize on success in today’s marketplace. 

Next add a TRADE SHOW EXPO with all the goods and services necessary to address your craft beverage needs.  New and returning vendors will be ready and waiting to meet with you personally. Be sure to bring your shopping list! You can see product demos and check out what’s new in the market. 

Include TASTINGS, NETWORKING AND SOCIAL EVENTS on and off the trade show floor and you’ve got the winning cocktail for success.

For decades now, Vineyard & Winery Management has been delivering its customers the very best and longest running industry events in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S.  And this year, we’re going full beverage by adding wine, beer, and distilling to our menu.  These dynamic conference and trade show events connect craft beverage producers with educators and suppliers who can help you realize your goals and increase profits.

Please join us once again for Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew in St. Charles, Missouri and/or Craft Beverages Unlimited (formerly Wineries Unlimited) in Richmond, Virginia. 

Learn, buy, network, and have fun in the process.  We look forward to seeing you there.


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“We had a phenomenal show in 2014. Criveller Company couldn’t be more pleased with the direction that Midwest Grape and Craft Beverages Unlimited are heading. We provide innovative processing and packaging solutions and because the conferences are not just for the wine industry but now include beer and spirits, we were thrilled to walk away from the Midwest trade show having sold both a new full winery package plus a new full brewery package to Old Bakery Beer Company. We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!”
- Joel Degonia, Criveller Company


"For us, tradeshows are more than just standing behind a booth trying to reel in the next project. We utilize tradeshows as an opportunity to reconnect with past clients, continue cross collaborative relationships with other vendors, and to forge new friendships as well. The Midwest Grape and Wine conference enabled us to do that and have a great time at it as well! We just wanted to extend our appreciation to Vineyard and Winery Management as well as all the others that contribute efforts to making these shows a success year after year, so thanks!"
- FMD Architects (as posted via Wine Industry Network)


"As a fourth-generation, family-owned business that began in the Missouri Ozarks, it's important to us to continue supporting the Midwest wine industry.  This conference provides us with an excellent opportunity to connect with the winemakers we serve, share the latest research and innovations in the cooperage industry, and continue looking toward the future." 
- Independent Stave Company




Midwest Grape and Wine is a division of Vineyard & Winery Management, the leader in wine industry professional development and producer of North America's leading independent wine trade publication. All attendees must be at least 21 years of age. 


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